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Q: How does premium financing help me?
A: Premium financing helps you offer your clients more comprehensive and affordable insurance.

Q: Which clients can benefit from premium financing?
A: Premium financing makes sense for a wide array of your clients, including: small and family owned businesses, larger firms, major corporations, non-profit organizations, and individuals with specialized needs. Clients with unique personal property assets, as well as professionals, consultants and investors can also benefit from premium financing.

Q: How should premium financing factor in to my full-service approach?
A: Premium financing should play an important role when developing a comprehensive plan for your clients. That's because when your clients finance their insurance, they free up cash flow for more strategic initiatives. They also gain peace of mind in knowing that their premiums are paid and fully budgeted for the fiscal year.

Q: How much commission can I deduct from the down payment?
A: You may deduct the total commission on base premium quoted by the Managing General Agent, which is usually found on the underwriting quote.

Q: How will I receive my commission if it is not deducted directly from the down payment?
A: The insurance company, broker or Managing General Agent will send it to you directly.

Q: Where should I send the original Premium Finance Agreement?
A: The original Premium Finance Agreement should be sent to Royal Premium, P.O. Box 15430, Station A, Toronto, ON M5W 1C1.
The Managing General Agent will be notified by Royal Premium upon acceptance of the Premium Finance Agreement; therefore, do not send the original copy to them.

Q: Do you bill the insured?
A: Yes. Payment coupons are mailed directly to the insured on the next business day after acceptance of the Premium Finance Agreement.

Q: Where should the insured send payments?
A: Payments should be sent to Royal Premium, P.O. Box 15430, Station A, Toronto, ON M5W 1C1.

Q: Will I be notified when an account is delinquent?
A: Yes. A Notice of Intent to Cancel is mailed simultaneously to both the insured and the broker.

Q: If the insured pays off the account early, do they get any money back?
A: Yes. A refund of any unearned interest is returned to the insured in accordance with the terms of the Premium Finance Agreement.

Q: What are "Online Quotes" and how can I access them?
A: : Our Online Quotes system gives brokers the option of producing finance quotes and premium finance contracts quickly and conveniently from anywhere at any time through any internet browser.

Online Quotes offer the convenience of:

All without having to install a single software update.

To access Online Quotes simply call 1-800-477-7889 to set up your username and password.

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